Halloween may not be the same this year because of the pandemic, however, kids can still have fun. Yes, and candies are totally a part of it. An expert, who understands how important it is for kids to enjoy Halloween, stated that night of eating candies would not have such a huge effect on the teeth. There is a caveat though, and that is, for as long as it is done in moderation.

Dr Gregory Olson, University of Texas Health School of Dentistry's chair of pediatric dentistry, said in Health Day, that the key to this moderation is having parental control or self-control. He said that having a piece of candy every now and then will not do so much damage to the mouth that is otherwise considered healthy.

What Olson emphasised is the other factors involved in eating candies. One of the things he mentioned is picking the right type of candy to eat. Hard candies and chewy candies like taffy and gummy worms are the ones that could really take a toll on the teeth. The reason behind this is the length of time that these sweet treats stay in the mouth. The longer the candies are chewed, the higher the possibility that they stick to the teeth if they do not get washed out.

When it comes to candy flavour, better steer clear of sour candies. Olson said that this exacerbates the harm of gummies. Since they are sour, they are more acidic. So that means that eating a sour gummy will be a double whammy on the teeth as it is both sticky and acidic. Yes, it might be tasty but its properties can cause the enamel of the teeth to easily break down, get weaker, and lead to cavities.

So in preparation for Halloween, Olson gave some tips:

  • Brush the teeth at least twice a day
  • Floss at least once in a day, especially if food gets stuck between the teeth
  • Supervise children when they brush their teeth to ensure that they brush thoroughly
  • Limit sweets like candies
  • Do not forget the dentist, take time to visit for proper dental care.
Halloween Candies
Enjoy Halloween candies without sacrificing your teeth's health. Photo: Pixabay

So is there a "best candy?" Chocolate-lovers would surely love Olson's choice. He said that the best candy to pick up will be chocolates. Darker chocolates are better. He explained that these chocolates are the best because they just melt in the mouth quickly, so they would not be lingering in the mouth and cause a host of cavities.