Rey Mysterio is arguably one of the best cruiserweights in the pro-wrestling world. He came into the limelight with his high-flying antics in the early 2000s in the WWE.

After a successful stint at the company, "The Master of 619" left the federation in 2015. Since his departure from his former promotion, the former WWE world champion has amassed a lot of fans with his fights in the independent circuit.

Mysterio, however, moved away from the indie scene and joined Lucha Underground in December 2015. As his contract is said to expire in September, rumour mills are in overdrive with regards to the luchador's return to the federation.

The rumours were fuelled by Global Force Wrestling manager Konnan on the recent The Sheet Podcast. He said that Mysterio is in talks with both WWE and GFW.

"We've had discussion with them [WWE], but it's more with GFW. We're still just talking with them at this juncture. There's nothing set in stone," he said and added that the WWE is "one hundred percent" interested in bringing back the wrestler.

Now, former RAW general manager Eric Bischoff has talked about what he thinks Mysterio should do after his contract with Lucha Underground expires. He has said that he hopes Mysterio signs with WWE instead of GFW.

"I just don't think he'll be able to reach the level of performance that will satisfy himself. Forget about me or the audience, or anybody else. I don't think Rey will be able to satisfy himself at this stage of his career. It's really hard," he said on the recent Bischoff On Wrestling podcast.

"That said, if he is going to get back in the ring and he is going to be involved in the business, I sure would love to see him back in WWE. Nothing against GFW, but that's just not the way that I would like to see a guy like Rey Mysterio end his career."

Rey Mysterio
Former WWE superstar Rey Mysterio