Rey Mysterio is one of the most famous names in the pro-wrestling scene. "The Master of the 619" made his big splash in the WWE with his high-flying daredevilry before leaving the company in 2015.

Since then, the WWE universe has been hoping for the cruiserweight to return to the squared circle. The former WWE star's return has been a matter of speculation in recent days.

On top of the rumours, Global Force Wrestling manager Konnan has said that Mysterio is in talks with both the WWE and GFW.

"We've had discussion with them, but it's more with GFW. We're still just talking with them at this juncture. There's nothing set in stone," he said on the recent The Sheet Podcast as transcribed by Wrestlezone.

When asked if WWE was interested in bringing back Mysterio, he replied: "Definitely. One hundred percent."

While Konnan has said that Mysterio is in talks with both the promotions, an Inquisitr report suggested that GFW may have already offered the wrestler a contract. The report goes on to say that with talks between GFW and Mysterio moving faster than with WWE, the chances of Mysterio returning to WWE are quite slim.

As of now, it is not known if Mysterio has already signed the deal.

Mysterio's contract with Lucha Underground is said to expire in September. He will not be able to work for promotions Lucha is directly competing with for a period for 90 days, which means that pro-wresting fans could see the wrestler in the ring by the end of December if he strikes a deal with another outfit.

Rey Mysterio
Former WWE superstar Rey Mysterio