A book written by an ex-girlfriend of Steve Jobs titled "The Bite in the Apple: A Memoir of My Life With Steve Job" sheds light on Jobs' personal life and their relationship.

Ex-Girlfriend Writes About Her Sex Life with Steve Jobs
The first girlfriend of Steve Jobs, Chrisann Brennan has published a memoir of their life together.

The book written by Chrisann Brennan, is scheduled to go on sale on 29 October.

The book, which is now available for pre-order via Amazon, walks readers through the early life of Jobs and Brennan in the 1970s, when Apple was emerging as one of the companies at the forefront of the home PC revolution.

In the book Brennan speaks about Jobs' childish and sometime "vicious" behaviour:

"As Apple grew, so did Steve's sense of self-entitlement; in parallel they both seemed to take on lives of their own. And his behaviors didn't improve with success, they changed from adolescent and dopey to just plain vicious," Brennan writes, according to excerpts published by the New York Post.

"For example, in the pre-Apple days whenever we'd go out for dinner (which wasn't that often), Steve would often be sarcastic toward the restaurant staff. The host would say, "Two?" and Steve would reply, "No, fifteen!" driving for the implicit "DUH!" But after Apple started we ate out a lot more and Steve's behavior toward service people changed into a different kind of disempowerment."

All the power that money and fame brought to Jobs had made him a "brilliant misfit" and the power was not being managed very well, says Brennan while sharing her bitter experience of being Jobs' first girlfriend:

"And where Steve's fullness met mine with staggering beauty (there was a reason he called fifteen years later to acknowledge the importance of the nights we'd shared), he was also becoming so creatively unstable, so out of integrity with himself that everything could slip out of alignment in an instant. That's when my heart would freeze over. That's when I'd be left speechless and gasping. Though I would try to adapt to the change, it all soon outweighed his value to me."

Brennan's and Jobs' relationship had ended bitterly over the fatherhood of their child, Lisa. Jobs had publicly denied being the father of Lisa after paternity tests proved otherwise in 1979. Jobs had told Time magazine in 1983: "28 percent of the male population in the United States could be the father." At the time, Brennan was working as a waitress to support her child.

The couple had ended their romantic relationship in 1977, after Brennan became pregnant, citing differences.