Alberto Del Rio reportedly got involved in a real fight with one of the members of the local lucha wrestling team called the Ninja Turtles at Arena Naucalpan in Mexico on Sunday night (12 December). Alberto was with girlfriend Paige at the IWRG wrestling show to support the former WWE superstar's brother Guillermo Rodríguez who was competing in the main event.

According to reports, the fight broke out as Alberto believed that the wrestler named Alan Xtreme (aka Rafy) touched his girlfriend Paige.

Sometime after his brother's fight concluded, Alberto and Paige — who were seated at the owner's box —headed backstage, where Alberto and Xtreme started to brawl. The fight reportedly spilled out into the hallway that connects the locker room to the fan entrance, where some fans witnessed the fight.

The fight was reportedly one-sided as Alberto overpowered the smaller wrestler. It was said that Xtreme was in bad shape but in stable condition. However, soon after the fight, Xtreme posted a message on Facebook that said he was doing fine.

"Just to clarify. If you inappropriately touch my fiancee in front of my face you have to prepare to learn a lesson. #Respect," Alberto wrote on Twitter on 13 December.

Alberto parted ways with WWE as he was not happy with his second run with the wrestling entertainment company. He split from the WWE on 9 September.

"My business relationship with @WWE has come to an end in good terms...thanks for the opportunities they gave me. Termine mi relación con WWE," Alberto wrote on Twitter right after his departure from the WWE was announced.

Alberto Del Rio
Former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio