"Broken" Matt Hardy has offered to make an appearance on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Ring of Honor (ROH), but the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) superstar has a few conditions. Matt has said that he and his brother Jeff Hardy aka Nero will return to WWE programming if the New Day participates in the Open Invitational Tag Team Apocalypto match.

Matt also said that they were also willing to make an appearance on Ring of Honor (ROH) if the Young Bucks also joined the fight. The Hardy Boys are planning to fight the best of the tag teams from different promotions in the fight.

In an interview with Channel Guide Magazine (Via Wrestlinginc), the former WWE superstar said that he along with Nero "would go to Monday Night Raw" if Vince McMahon allows the New Day to participate in the Apocalypto match and added that he just wants to give the wrestling fans the 'biggest dream match".

"If they were to send the Bucks of Youth to Apocalypto and myself and Brother Nero would be happy and the Impact Wrestling fans would be happy. We would be happy to go to an ROH show in exchange," Matt said.

"I would make the same offer to MeekMahan [Vince McMahon] and the Day of the New. They come to Apocalypto, and I would go to Monday Night Raw. And so would Brother Nero. I think it would be very good if we all worked together. When it's all said and done, we ultimately want to give the wrestling fan the greatest entertainment and biggest dream match possible, and that is what I'm trying to accomplish here."

Matt also called the WWE cruiserweight division as a bunch of "spot monkeys" while informing that his "Broken Universe" has helped TNA stand out from ROH and WWE.

"I think for many years they had it with the X Division. Then as time has gone on and with these other wrestling promotions such as ROH (Ring of Honor) and MeekMahan's (WWE) show, they started to adapt and have an athletic style type of product. You have ROH, and they even have a cruiserweight division in WWE, which I call the Spot Monkey Division. They have those things. So TNA doesn't stand out as much with the X Division now and as time has gone on they have neglected it in some ways," he said.

"So I felt like the Broken Universe has helped TNA develop its own identity. I think going forth the Broken Universe can extend to other elements of the show. There has to be something for everyone. I think the Broken Universe gives it a quality that stands out from MeekMahan's show,'' Matt added.

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