John Cena, who is currently on a hiatus from wrestling and filming the second season of American Grit, has reportedly signed for Kay Cannon's movie titled The Pact, which could further delay his return to the ring.

With the 15-time world champion actively pursuing a career outside the squared circle, Jim Ross thinks that the Leader of the Cenation will never work as a full-timer in the WWE.

Speaking about Cena's future in the wrestling entertainment company, the Hall of Famer said that the superstar is taking the same route as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson did after his WWE career.

"It seems that John Cena is travelling much the same road that Dwayne Johnson has taken in his post WWE life which I applaud. Just like @TheRock, @JohnCena is and always will be a WWE guy who may never wrestle a full time schedule again, likely not IMO, but will always be loyal to the company that helped launch his amazing career," Ross wrote on his blog.

"I know of no wrestler with reasonable sanity that is that would not trade the bumping and the road schedule, etc for the life of a TV or movie personality. Would you? I didn't think so," he added.

Ross's comments come just days after reports suggested that WWE officials aren't happy with Cena signing more deals outside the wrestling entertainment company as it would cause the 39-year-old wrestler to miss its upcoming events.

Previously, reports had also claimed that Cena wasn't happy over WWE's financial dealing with Goldberg. According to the reports, Cena felt that the WWE had taken his dedication for granted by paying big money to Goldberg for a limited schedule and he believes he should also be treated in the same manner.