Women wearing skirts are seen as more victorious than those who wear trousers, reveals a research study.

Professor Karen Pine, who co-led the team of research at the Department of Psychology of the University Of Hertfordshire University, said, "Women generally have a wider choice of dress style for work than men, but still have to maintain an identity that balances professionalism with attractiveness. The skirt suit may achieve that balance without appearing provocative", reports Mail Online.

Pine said the dress speaks in volumes and dressing really throws an impression, and also is the key to success. She claims that the women can dress in more feminine way and yet expect to be taken seriously.

"People are judged on their overall top to bottom appearance, and the dress plays the fundamental role in creating a positive first impression," she said.

However, she warned against the plunging neckline or micro skirt. She said other researches show that provocative dressing is seen as an indication of professional shortfall.

She said, "We may think that fashion is just extravagant treat and our bright personality will conceal our dull clothing or detract from the soup stains on our anorak. No true".

The research was conducted in association with Mathieson & Brooke.