People have different reasons why they drink. Some say it is to socialise, while others resort to it to "forget" their woes. So if you have been telling yourself not to drink the past year, but failed to do so, now may be the best time to live up to it since there are five great things that can transpire when one stops drinking.

Intake of fewer calories

Alcoholic drinks are packed with calories and they can definitely add up without you knowing it. The lesser amount of alcoholic drinks that one takes, the lesser amount of calories that the body packs as well.

Lower blood pressure levels

Mayo Clinic noted that alcoholic drinkers who would cut back on drinking would be able to lower their systolic blood pressure, as well as their diastolic blood pressure. So making it a goal to finally steer clear of drinking in 2021 would certainly do wonders for the health.

Become more cheerful

Technically, alcohol is a depressant. While there are many who would have a few beers just to get them relaxed and happy momentarily, the effect may not sit well with one's system considering that it stimulates the body to produce stress hormones. By veering away from the temptation to drink, one will be able to be more cheerful. After all, there would be lesser production of stress hormones. In addition, one is more likely to be motivated to do things that could make one happy for the long-term.

Improved glow

One may not realise it but being able to cut out alcoholic drinks will give the skin a better glow. Alcohol dehydrates the skin, which means that it has a way of reducing the production of the body of the diuretic hormone. This is the one that helps the body absorb water, and also the reason why those who are fond of drinking hardly ever have a lovely complexion.

Reduce Alcohol Intake
What can happen when you reduce alcohol intake. Photo: Pixabay

Lower risk of heart disease

It would seem that it is not only blood pressure that a lower alcohol intake can lead to but it also helps in lowering one's risk of heart disease. WebMD noted that drinking too much alcohol increases the risk for a stroke, fat levels in the blood and can contribute to obesity. One thing is for sure, the lesser amount of alcoholic drinks you take, the better your well-being will become.