Even after decades of research and investigation, UFOs continue to fascinate the world. There is still no answer whether they are for real or just our imagination. However, a former Pentagon official claims that our technology has "confirmed existence" of these unidentified flying objects. He encourages people to accept that these inexplicable aerial objects are a fact not fiction.

"I think we're at the point now where we're beyond a reasonable doubt that these things exist," Luis Elizondo, former head of a top-secret US government agency, who was tasked with investigating UFOs told Live Science in an interview.

Elizondo is a former military intelligence officer who led the Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) established in 2007 to probe reports of unexplained aerial sightings and shut down in 2012. After quitting his job at the Pentagon, he is now a director of global security and special programs at To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, a company co-founded by Tom DeLonge, guitarist of Blink-182, in pursuit of evidence of UFOs.

"I think we're at the point now where we're beyond reasonable doubt that these things exist," Elizondo said. "We know they're there — we have some of the greatest technology in the world that has confirmed their existence."

Every year, multiple observations of UFO sightings are reported. Meanwhile, there are thousands of accounts collected by the United States government during Air Force's Project Blue Book (1952 to 1969) and by National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), a federal agency that compiled witness accounts of UFO encounters from the 1950s through the 1980s.

However, most of these accounts were reportedly "misidentified" and remain unresolved. Elizondo explains that this has pushed people to dismiss these accounts as nothing but hoaxes. Now, he is asking world leaders to collaborate and delve deeper into the subject in order to understand whether these UFOs are any threat to humanity.

"There's something in our sky and we don't know what it is, we don't know where it's from. Is that a problem? From a national security perspective, yes, it's a problem," said Elizondo. "We need to understand what these are, in order to make a determination if they're a threat."

He hopes to find "elegant solutions to what these things are."

Unidentified Flying Object/UFO
29th December 1953: An Unidentified Flying Object in the sky over Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia Barney Wayne/Keystone/Getty Images

Elizondo and other experts will be talking about UFOs in detail in the second season of the series "Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation" on History Channel. The first episode of the series aired on Saturday, July 11.