An Austrian ski slope has become the venue for the first ever Formula 1 showrun at an alpine peak. Toro Rosso driver Max Verstappen drove a Red Bull championship-winning car around Kitzbühel on 14 January in front of thousands of spectators.

"It was very cool to do it – was a different road for me," said the Dutch driver. "I enjoyed it a lot, it was quite special to go up and down all the time and then you have this amazing view. The car is moving around a lot but it is nice, you are playing a bit with the car."

Over 3,000 fans watched the car tear around the ski slopes at more than 1,600 metres altitude. Technicians applied specially-made snow chains to the vehicle's tyres to make sure it was safe to drive on the slippery surfaces.

In the 2015 season Verstappen finished 12th in the championship with 49 points.