Halloween may have already passed but for one Japanese designer, it may be a daily thing. This artist makes 3D masks that look like real people's faces and the Internet is freaking out at the moment.

While many are trying to be fashionable with their face masks, one Japanese designer has certainly upped the ante. His masks are realistic 3D replicas of a real person's face. Any adult can don these masks and they would look like another person, depicting the face of an unnamed Japanese adult.

Reuters reported that Shuhei Okawara, the designer of the creepy 3D masks, chose his models and "bought" their faces for 40,000 yen (£ 286). Okawara had more than 100 applicants when he started the project in October. The winning image was reworked by an artisan and it was created using a 3D printer.

Okawara will be selling the masks early next year for about 98,000 yen (£ 700). This is equivalent to approximately $950. The creepy masks can be bought from his Tokyo shop, known as the Kamenya Omote. For a long time, his shop has been a favourite place for those who are looking for accessories that will be used for theatrical performances.

Okawara said that not many of his customers would buy face masks for any particular purpose. Usually, they would view the masks as pieces of art. With the rate of inquiries that he is currently getting on the 3D face masks, he believes that the demand next year will be strong.

Eventually, Okawara will be adding more fresh faces to his lineup. He is already considering adding a look from overseas.

Japan Times reported that it must be noted that Okawara's masks do not act as a substitute for face masks. This means that if one wears his mask, there would still be a need to wear surgical or other CDC-accepted masks to protect against coronavirus infection.

Creepy 3D mask in Japan Photo: Pixabay

Okawara's masks have holes in the nostrils portion, so one could inhale the air without any filtration while using the creepy 3D masks. Okawara did not demonstrate how to put on surgical masks, but with hyper-realistic masks like them, putting a surgical mask over it will only make the person wearing them look more real.