Radical advances have been seen in technology for medical science, computing and engineering, and with it has come the rise of robotics. However, over the past few years we have seen robots entering the consumer market and bringing households even more so into the realm of technology.

Technology is making a difference, transforming lives across the world and Tech4good are just one of the many award ceremonies that acknowledge this. At the Tech4Good Awards 2014, leaders in this field were awarded for their innovative inventions. The Tech4Good Awards were established by the UK charity AbilityNet and BT and recognise organisations and individuals who use digital technology to improve the lives of others.

Peek Vision received the Digital Health Award for its mobile app which helps doctors remotely examine the eyes of the patients and diagnose preventable conditions which, if left untreated, can lead to blindness.

The BT Ingenious Award was given to BuffaloGrid for its business model that provides free solar charging units to local entrepreneurs in areas which are yet to be connected to the electrical grid. These chargers give people living in the remotest parts of the world the ability to charge their mobile devices, and they can even pay for the service using their mobile phones.

Robotics experts are also developing robots that help people with mobility problems, long term illnesses and even the elderly- as well as people who don't have the time to carry out household chores. When taking a closer look at the consumer technology market it is clear that there are robots being created for these people.

A new study conducted by iRobot looked at whether the British public are for or against the rise of robots in the home. It found more than half would want a robot to clean their floors (52%), mow the lawn (39%), and even drive their car (23%). Although only 6% admitted they would want a robot that is able to take care of their children.

Bo Simonsen, a specialist in the consumer robotics market, had this to add:

"It is clear to see from the research that the British public are embracing robotics and can see the ways in which robots can improve their lives.

"Robots can help out with household chores allowing people more time to work or to relax and enjoy their spare time. They will revolutionise the lives of elderly people in particular and enable them to stay in their own homes for longer."

Robots are becoming more and more common in many British industries and the consumer market will continue to utilise robots that assist humans in every day tasks. The future looks vibrant with new inventions that improve the public's lives.

Video courtesy of Independent Media News