Today is a big day for UK gamers, as online gaming system OnLive - which requires no expensive console or high-end computer - is coming to our shores, and is bringing with it a whole heap of special offers.

OnLive lets gamers play over an internet connection no matter what hardware they have, as all of the processing is done on the company' servers, with the gameplay beamed to players as a streaming video. The system requires no expensive console, high-end controller, discs or huge downloads.

OnLive Logo
OnLive lets gamers play without the need for a console or computer

CEO and founder Steve Perlman said: "For the first time ever, UK gamers can take advantage of OnLive's powerful cloud gaming technology to play the latest top-tier games on demand, with gameplay delivered instantly over the internet wherever and whenever they want. For the cost of a single-platform game purchase, UK gamers can play on their HDTV, PC and Mac, regardless of performance capabilities."

Starting today UK OnLive customers will have access to around 150 premium games, such as "Deus Ex: Human Revolution", "DiRT 3", "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood" and "F.E.A.R. 3"; game prices start at £1.99, or subscribing to the PlayPack Bundle - offering more than 100 games - is £6.99 per month .

"To prove how excited we are, we're also offering our new UK members all kinds of launch promotions to welcome them onto the service. First-time game purchasers get their first OnLive PlayPass Game for just £1"

OnLive is offering a wide range of free offers, including free OnLive Game Systems to attendees of the Eurogamer Expo in London, which starts today and continues over the weekend. OnLive has teamed up with BT to offer 100 PlayPack Games for free for three months. In addition to these offers, PC Gamer Magazine readers get one month of free gaming.

Gamers will be able to by OnLive today from GAME's online store, with the console and controller to be available soon in GAME's 615 UK stores. Demos and social features can be accessed at no cost by creating an account at

CEO Perlman concluded his blog post: "For gamers throughout the rest of the world, hang tight: Now that we've made our first major international expansion to the UK, we'll be moving quickly to expand worldwide, we'll be seeing you soon. OnLive is the future of gaming, everywhere.