It appears as though Shakira's diss track is having a negative impact on former partner Gerard Pique's new girlfriend. Latest reports are claiming that Clara Chia Marti has been forced to hole up in her parents' home in order to avoid the backlash form the Colombian star's new hit single.

Earlier this month, the multiple Grammy Award winner released a new single titled "Shakira: BZRP Music Sessions #53." It was an obvious dig at both the former footballer and the 23-year-old PR student.

Earlier reports claimed that Clara Chia has had to deal with people singing the song to her in the streets. She is now easily recognisable after having come out in the open with her relationship with Pique since last summer. The pair also made their relationship Instagram official last week.

According to The Sun, Clara Chia is now hiding out and she has been working remotely because being seen in the Kosmos office has also become uncomfortable for a number of people. It may be remembered that apart from being a student, she also works in Pique's company as part of the events team.

Spanish journalists have been claiming that the attention and hate is taking its toll on Chia. "She has needed a refuge because her state of mind is not good. It's not easy being a girl of 23 and being on the lips of Spain and the whole world. It has taken its toll on her and she needed to take a step away," said Saul Ortiz.

Meanwhile, Pique has been hitting back by publicly trolling his ex. In the song, Shakira says: "You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo/ You traded a Rolex for a Casio." In response, Pique announced a partnership with Casio for his "King's League" project and has been seen driving an £8,000 Renault Twingo.

For her part, Shakira has not tried to conceal the fact that she was aiming her song at Pique and Chia. She called it a form of "catharsis and release," and is happy to see it shoot up to the top of the Spotify charts in just a matter of days. The video has also been viewed over 240 million times on YouTube.

Three-time Grammy winner Shakira has scored major global hits
Multiple Grammy winner Shakira has scored major global hits AFP News