The drama between Gerard Pique and Shakira is showing no sign of fading, especially while they continue to sling mud at each other very publicly. The latest reports surrounding the situation have revealed the real reason why Pique's new girlfriend had to leave his home to stay with her parents a few weeks ago.

It may be remembered that various reports came out in late January claiming that the former FC Barcelona defender's girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti, has been forced to seek refuge at her parents home. It was thought to be her way of coping with the heat coming off the release of Shakira's latest hit single, "Music Sessions #53" which is very clearly a diss track aimed at both Pique and his new lover.

However, Marca and several other Spanish publications are now saying that Clara Chia had to leave Pique's penthouse because his children with Shakira had been visiting. Pique moved out of the family home he previously shared with the Colombian singer sometime in 2022 before the couple announced their split in early summer.

Based on numerous sightings, it is believed that his new girlfriend has moved in with him at his Calle de Muntaner penthouse. They are often photographed leaving and arriving together, but she was absent for several days in January.

According to Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez of the "Mamarazzis" podcast, the couple agreed that even though they have moved in together, Clara Chia should not be there when Shakira's children come to visit.

The 23-year-old PR student has not yet been introduced as the former footballer's girlfriend, and she is only known as his friend to Milan, 10 and Sasha, 8.

It is unclear if Shakira has any say in this condition, but there is no doubt that she would prefer to have it this way at least for the time being. The singer is believed to be planning on moving to Miami permanently with the two children, but an elaborate shared custody and visitation agreement has been sorted with Pique late last year. It is unknown if there is any clause specifically speaking about the presence of new partners when either parent has custody of the children.

Shakira and Gerard Pique
Shakira and Pique announced their romantic relationship in 2011 but never married AFP / Bryan R. Smith