A German man revealed that the secret to his health and wellness is drinking seven pints of his own urine on a daily basis. Jan Schünemann, from Hamburg, claims this practice guards him against illnesses and has helped him tremendously in coping with his depression.

The 26-year-old student and sports coach said he "ingests" some of his urine by introducing it into his eyes, nose and ears with the use of a syringe. He also rubs it all over his body.

In an article from the Sun, Schünemann first became interested in "urine therapy" when he discovered it online. It is also known by its Hindi term as Shivambu Kalpa. The theory behind this is that the body is said to be self-sustaining, and consuming urine helps the body heal itself. He claims it is the perfect medicine for all diseases and viruses.

"It is the body's own vaccination," Schünemann said.

He continues to claim that urine is a complete health supplement of "everything the body needs." Although experts have always said this practice could be harmful as urine contains toxins that have been expelled by the body after it has been processed by the kidneys.

In spite of this, Schünemann remains committed to his health regimen saying he never gets sick, has more energy to such a point that he only requires between four to seven hours of sleep at night. He claims his consciousness has developed such that he barely feels the need to sleep.

Schünemann asserts, "I have a better quality of life since doing this but it is all about balance - I have to remind myself that I still live in this society."

He says that since he started the practice of Shivambu Kalpa the only time he gets sick is from consuming "rubbish" food even if this is quite a normal part of an average person's diet.

Because he was always looking for something natural and accessible to everyone, Shivambu Kalpa appealed to him mainly because he was on the lookout for a health remedy that anybody could use.

He maintains his stand on this practice of urotherapy, despite the advice of experts as he explains how imbibing urine helped him dive deeper into his consciousness at a time when he was depressed and disconnected from himself. He said it has helped him explore the many angles of his mind, going deeper in the many layers of reality, ideas surrounding hermetic laws and yogic traditions.

Schünemann documents his urine ritual via livestreaming on his Instagram and YouTube accounts and hopes to spread the same consciousness and practice to others.

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