German President, Joachim Gauckon Friday (February 22) called for a 'unitedEurope' in order to compete in a globalised world. Holding his first key note speech at his residence Bellevue inBerlinafter taking office in March 2012,Gauckemphasised the importance of common European values such as freedom, human dignity and solidarity.

"Until nowEuropeisn't prepared enough to take on this role. We need more inner reunion, because without common financial and economical policies a common currency won't easily survive,"Gaucktold political, economical and religious representatives during his speech onEurope.

Gauck, a former Lutheran pastor and human rights activist from communistEast Germany, went on to urge Britain to remain with the EU.

"Dear Englishmen, Welsh, Scotsman, northern Irish, and new citizens of Great Britain, we would like you to stay with us. We need your experiences as a country of the oldest parliamentary democracy, we value your traditions, but we also need your soberness and your courage," he said.

Many in Britain oppose the idea of an EU membership. British Prime MinisterDavid Cameronhas offered a future referendum on whether to leave the EU.

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