Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron
The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, was the first leader from the West to praise the Libyan people. He also paid tribute to the UK's armed forces. Reuters

Global political leaders have paid triibute to the Libyan people of standing up to Gaddafi's regime.

British Prime Minister David Cameron:

"Today is a day to remember all of Colonel Gaddafi's victims. From those who died in connection with the Pan Am Flight over Lockerbie, to Yvonne Fletcher in a London street, and obviously all the victims of IRA terrorism who died through their use of Libyan Semtex.

"We should also remember the many, many Libyans who died at the hands of this brutal dictator and his regime. People in Libya today have an even greater chance, after this news, of building themselves a strong and democratic future."

Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband:

"This marks the end of a tragic period in Libyan history marked by brutality and repression. I pay tribute to the Libyan people for standing up to the Gaddafi regime. And I am proud of the support that our armed forces have given them."

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton:

"This is Libya's moment. This is Libya's victory. And the future belongs to you."

"I am pleased to announce that we are going to put even more money into helping Libya secure and destroy dangerous stockpiles of weapons."

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

"This marks an historic transaction for Libya

In the coming days, we will witness scenes of celebration, as well as grief for those who lost so much. Yet let us recognize, immediately, that this is only the end of the beginning. The road ahead for Libya and its people will be difficult and full of challenges."

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

"Sic transit gloria mundi (the glory of the world is fleeting). Now the war is over."