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Smartwatches can now act as a remote control when taking photos on an Android device LG

The Google Camera application has been updated to feature Remote Shutter support for Android Wear, and the update has started seeding to users across the world.

With Google Camera 2.3 (updated version), Android Wear users can snap pictures on their Android gadget, by using devices like the Smartwwatch as a remote.

According to an Android Police report, the Remote Shutter feature automatically throws up a customised card on users' Android devices, such as an Android tablet/smartphone. On selecting the card, users should notice a shutter release button appear automatically on their smartwatch.

The shutter release button comes with a default countdown timer of three seconds, post which the image is captured by users' Android devices and sent to the smartwatch to preview.

Along with Remote Shutter, users should also notice a redesigned UI in the Panorma Capture mode.

A new in-app help interface also adds to the functionality list of Google's Camera application.

On paper, the latest Google Camera enhancements should allow users to make full use of their Android devices and the smartwatch since the app works in sync with both gadgets.

Early last week, the internet search engine giant rolled out the latest update of Google Play Services to developers across the globe.

Google Play Services 5.0 update features API for Android Wear, along with a number of major enhancements.