What's that coming over the hill? Wanida.w/Wikicommons

Struggling to decide on a holiday destination? Have a passion for fictional fantasy creatures? Then why not pick your next vacation spot by combining the two, thanks to this bizarre Google Maps-like cartograph that shows all the best getaways where mythical beasts have been known to dwell.

Created by US-based travel aggregator site Expedia, the "Mythical creatures and where to find them" map turns you into the Harry Potter world's Newt Scamander by placing markers around the world that chart the origins of fabled monsters.

"If you're already wondering where to go on your travels, why not ditch the predictable and try something a little more... mysterious," reads the website's tantalising description.

"How about hitting the vampire trail in Romania, tracking Bigfoot in Oregon or even dragon-hunting in Wales? The world is full of wonderful tales of mythical creatures, but sadly few travellers are intrepid enough to take to the road to find them."

"If you want to be the lucky one who snaps Nessie or films the legendary Yeti, help is at hand with our guide to mythical creatures around the globe. Read on to discover what fantastical creatures might be out there, where to track down the most elusive beasts, and what else to see while you're on your quest."

The guide is also complete with helpful hints about where to go and places to see in each location, as well as giving you background information about each beast. UK hunters are advised to seek out Welsh dragons and Scotland's aforementioned Loch Ness Monster, which both definitely exist in real life.

Expedia fantasy holiday map
If Romania is a bit far away for UK travelers, you could always pop up to Whitby for some Dracula-themed fun. Expedia