Google has officially unveiled a secret project called Project Glass, which will overlay the web on the world around you all in a pair of cool looking glasses which you will just put on like normal glasses.

Created by the highly secretive Google X division, these glasses feature a metallic headband combined with a small glass screen which sits in front of one your eyes.

The glasses will be controlled by your eyes as well as your voice, and they will even let you make video calls once connected to your phone. So if you have memories of Schwarzenegger in his massive sensory glasses in Total Recall,think again as these babies are lightweight and style personified.

So imagine you are walking down the street, pop these glasses on, and these augmented glasses promise to let you to send and receive messages, view weather, local information, get live travel updates, and much much more.

And just to show that the Google guys aren't just teasing us with Project Glass,it is rumoured to be in production later this year.