Imagine a car that you don't even have to be able to see to drive!

Well that is what happened when Google's new driver-less car system was road tested by Steve, a legally blind man in Nevada, who 'drove' the car to lunch and then took a trip around town.

And Steve even shows us his no- hands driving technique, as it's all done by computers! And this new technology is brought to us from Google, who has been being issued with the first licence to test autonomous cars on the roads in Nevada.

However, don't think that you will be seeing driver-less cars roaming The Strip in Las Vegas, as the restrictions placed on the licence stipulate that at least two people have to be in the car at all times, with one behind the wheel, ready to take control if needed.

Another stipulation of the licence is an insurance bond of $1 million or £ 618,000 to cover any possible accidents or incidents. And just so people know they are near an autonomous car, the licence plate will feature a red background and an infinity symbol to help it stand out from the crowd.

Umm, the promises of automatic, driver-less cars like those currently being tested by Google in California are many and varied. Environmentalists- say they could slash carbon emissions. Safety campaigners- hope the removal of human error could reduce the number of road casualties . But, like a sticky clutch, the nagging doubts persist! I am Ann Salter,thanks for watching, for the latest news and developments on this story and many others go to our website at