The campaign of the Republican Herman Cain took another turn for the worse Monday after a video of him answering questions on U.S. foreign policy went viral.

Cain, who has only recently lost the poll lead to Mitt Romney following two weeks of sexual harassment allegations, will now face more questions on how successful he would be as a commander in chief.

Journalists were speaking to Cain in an off-air interview on Libya asking "whether he supported Barack Obama's strategy in the region." The 65-year-old former Godfather's Pizza CEO, looked ruffled and fidgeted in his seat before asking the question to be repeated - a sure sign that he didn't know how to answer the question.

After seemingly getting his thought process back on track he said: "I do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reason...," before trailing off saying: "Nope, that's a different one."

He then looked into the sky for a clue and mutted to himself: "I got to go back and see. . . I got all this stuff twirling around in my head."

In an attempt to find a plausible answer Cain said he "would have determined who the opposition was before going into Libya." The fact that no ground troops were actually deployed into the country and this was a NATO campaign was never mentioned.

The Cain team tried to cover up his tracks by admitting that their candidate was very tired.

"We were all going on four hours sleep, so he was tired," said J.D. Gordon, Mr Cain's spokesman and national security adviser. "When he got the Libya question, it took him a while to get his bearings on it, but he got the answer right."