Details on Grand Theft Auto V from the December issue of Game Informer magazine have apparently been leaked to GameFAQs by a user called AP15.

Grand Theft Auto V

Information on the game's main characters has been revealed, as well details of character customisation options and mini-games.

Below is a full list of details as revealed by AP15 on the GameFAQS forum:

  • You play as Albert DeSilva a half-American, half-Puerto Rican American
  • He is 42-years-old and has an ex-wife and two children
  • The show Breaking Bad has a little influence on the game as Albert is drawn to the life of crime from an older age for the money
  • You also play as Dougie Vejo, a younger criminal just coming up in Los Santos [GTA V's fictional version of Los Angeles]
  • Los Santos is the only large city, smaller towns round out the countryside
  • Grove Street makes a return [from the original San Andreas game] however the characters Carl and Sweet [also from San Andreas] do not appear
  • Money plays a large part as Albert has lost most of his in a Ponzi scheme
  • You can purchase property
  • The only customisation for characters is clothes/hair/facial hair - no gyms or tattoos
  • One or more characters from Grand Theft Auto IV may show up
  • Car customisation is back
  • Songs confirmed so far include My Michelle by Guns and Roses, Magic Power by Triumph, California Dreaming by The Beach Boys and Beautiful by Snoop Dogg.
  • New mini-games include golf, tennis and surfing
  • Mission played was called "Alimony" which featured a scene from last year's trailer involving a jewellery robbery.

Grand Theft Auto V has already been confirmed for release in spring 2013, with pre-orders for the game available from 5 November. A second trailer for the game is also expected soon, with an iOS version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City scheduled for release in the fall of 2012.

Rockstar and Game Informer are yet to confirm whether these details are correct.

Update - Matt Bertz, managing editor at Game Informer has confirmed via Twitter that the leaked information is false. Rockstar Games has revealed that a new Grand Theft Auto V trailer will be released on 14 November.