John Humphrys
John Humphrys, the BBC presenter, is notorious for putting politicians under pressure. (Photo: Reuters)

Housing minister Grant Shapps entered into a full-scale row live on air with a presenter of the BBC's Today Programme.

Mr Shapps reacted angrily when he was accused of cancelling the interview the day before and leapt to correct the presenter, John Humphrys, while also accusing the BBC of misleading listeners with an inaccurate report.

In exchanges which lasted for several minutes, the pair used up a third of the interview time with the minister requesting that Humphrys understand there was "no booking in place", although a "request had been made".

Almost embarrassingly, Humphrys was forced to explaining the procedure that was followed, where researchers "take notes" to avoid confusion, while Mr Shapps refused to sweep the issue under the carpet, demanding his point to be made "clear".

The interview finally moved on after it appeared that Humphrys had backed down, admitting there had, perhaps, been a "crossed wire of communication". Mr Shapps did not come out well either, with the show's Twitter followers branding the moment as a "meltdown".


Listen to the whole interview above.