With Rockstar's new GTA V trailer finally live, the IBTimes takes you through what we know so far about the new gangster-sim.

Opening to a grizzled voice, the trailer shows the currently unnamed protagonist moving in the fictional Los Puerta.

The city shown in the video houses a distinctly L.A feel, with the trailer showing a sunny beach city, surrounded by fields and what appears to be a vineyard. The iconic Vinewood sign housed in GTA: San Andreas also featured in the video, indicating the new GTA may re-visit many of the game's predecessor's past locations.

Breaking from GTA V's predecessors, the new game reveals the game's protagonist to be a family will begin at the top.

The video showed him talking about moving into a new high-end looking property, suggesting unlike the previous games, which saw you start the game as a character that's just hit rock-bottom, GTA V may see you step into the shoes of a man of immediate means.

In terms of gameplay, nothing was really shown, leaving it open-ended as to what new additions and features Rockstar has added.

Stay tuned at the IBTimes for further updates regarding Rockstar's new Grand Theft Auto.