Dozens of guests at a Jamaican resort apparently ended up not enjoying their vacation after they got sick, most likely due to a salmonella outbreak.

A number of guests have been reported to have gotten sick and there are those who are already contemplating filing legal action after they were victimised by a possible salmonella outbreak at the Grand Palladium Resort and Spa.

Chantel Ele, narrated to New York Post that the vacation was a nightmare, adding that she does not know how many people go on an "all-inclusive" vacation and end up losing weight. She recounted that she and her husband had secured the room way back in February, before the pandemic, at the lovely resort which is considered as one that has the largest swimming pools in the Caribbean. She said that two days after they arrived at the resort on Dec. 13, they started experiencing diarrhoea, body and stomach cramps. Plus, there were frequent trips made to the bathroom.

Other guests came forward and narrated their experience to The Post. Aaron Sutton and his fiancé said that they also suffered from vomiting and diarrhoea. He also described his fiancé as feverish and could barely stand up.

The general manager of the hotel apologised online after there were guests who publicly complained about their harrowing experience at the hotel, with a number of them giving the hotel negative reviews on Tripadvisor.

Another hotel guest, 22-year-old Lexie Confer, said that she and her boyfriend were still nursing their weak digestive system even after having returned home from their stay at the Palladium. She said that her boyfriend was informed by his doctor that he was infected by salmonella.

The Grand Palladium Resort and Spa is owned by the Palladium Hotel Group. It is a privately held Spanish hotel company. Among the prominent establishments that the group operates in six countries include Hard Rock Hotel & Resorts and Fiesta Hotels and Resorts.

WebMD noted that salmonella is a type of bacteria that is often the most widely-reported cause of food-borne illnesses in the US. Some of the notable symptoms of salmonella are fever, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and an upset stomach. Most patients are able to get better within four to seven days.

Possible salmonella outbreak struck guests at popular Jamaican resort. Photo: Pixabay