Halle Berry
Actress Halle Berry attends the Los Angeles premiere of 'Kidnap' at the Arclight Hollywood on July 31, 2017 in Hollywood, California. Getty

The prospect of a female James Bond may have garnered support from A-listers like Chris Hemsworth, but Halle Berry isn't convinced. The Hollywood star, who played Ursula Andress in 2002's Die Another Day, has admitted that she doesn't feel producers should buckle to the pressure to diversify the franchise.

Berry, who famously emerged from the sea wearing an orange bikini, a broad white belt and the unexpected accessory of a knife to meet Piers Brosnan's 007, said that didn't think changing the sex of the famous spy was the right move.

"I want [women] to be tough but I don't know if Bond should be a woman," she told Entertainment Tonight.

The Oscar-winning actress went on to state that making the British assassin anything other than the man creator Ian Fleming intended the character to be would be a step too far.

"I mean, that series is steeped in history, you know Ian Fleming's stories. I don't think you can change Bond to a woman."

"We can create a new Bond character that's a woman, and give her a new name, based on that theory, but I don't know if Bond should be a woman," she added.

Berry's remarks are likely to irk Hemsworth, who put forward his Snow White And The Huntsman co-star Charlize Theron for the coveted role back in July. He told W Magazine that not only did she "scare the hell out of him" it was time to switch things up. 007 has been played by a white male actor since the first film, Dr No, was released in 1962. There have been seven James Bond actors in 26 movies.

" I've made the comment that Charlize Theron should be the next Bond because she scares the hell out of me. She embodies every ounce of strength and nobility and dignity and integrity that that character should have. She's smart as hell. She's physically able," he said.

"I think she could beat the s**t out of me and most villains out there – not saying I'm a villain. You know I worked with her on Snow White and The Huntsman, watching her in those fight scenes doing it in those high heels and an eight-foot long gown was even more impressive so. And I just think, 'Why not, it's time'."

Meanwhile, Daniel Craig appears to have had a change of heart after stating he would rather "slit my wrists" than reprise his role as the enigmatic Bond. A source told the Mirror: "It's taken time but Daniel has come round and the strong consensus in the Bond offices is that Mr Craig is 007 again."

Everyone from Idris Elba to Tom Hiddleston was reported to have been in talks to be his successor.