Harmonised H20 UV
Harmonised H20 UV: The world's first drinkable SPF www.osmosisskincare.com

The arduous task of rubbing in suncream could soon be over as the world's first drinkable SPF (sun protection factor) is launched.

Harmonised H20 UV can provide sun protection up to factor 30 better than standard sunscreens, according to US company, Osmosis Skincare.

But the British Association of Dermatologists have dismissed the idea of water providing sun protection as "nonsense".

Osmosis Skincare claim that when 2ml of the product is taken with water every four hours, it can block 97% of UVA and UVB rays from hitting the skin.

Dr Ben Johnson, who founded the company wrote on his blog: "If 2 mls are ingested an hour before sun exposure, the frequencies that have been imprinted on water will vibrate on your skin in such a way as to cancel approximately 97% of the UVA and UVB rays before they even hit your skin.

"This results in coverage for approximately three hours.

"This is similar to the amount of UV reflection created by SPF 30 titanium/zinc sunblocks but distinctly better than UVB chemical sunscreens which prevent certain damage that leads to the visible/painful/inflammation reaction we identify as sun damage."

World's First Drinkable Sun-Tan Lotion Launched
Drinking in the Sun: Liquid sun-tan lotion comes on sale FilmFour

But the British Association of Dermatologists said it was not yet convinced about its effects.

A spokesman said: "We have asked for evidence behind their claims. But the idea that drinking water, which this appears to be, can provide sun protection is frankly nonsense."

The £17 product, which comes in two bottles - tanning and non-tanning, however, has been a hit with some consumers.

A woman named Lynn M wrote on the company's website: "A few weeks ago I used your UV water and was really impressed that even after being out in the sun for hours I had no trace of tan or sunburn. Awesome."

Another wrote: "My husband and I used Osmosis UV Protection last summer as our only form of sun protection. We took it one hour before exposure and did not experience any sunburn whatsoever. It enhanced a beautiful even suntan that usually takes weeks to achieve using a SPF lotion."