Harry Styles
Harry Styles did not send Taylor Swift 1,989 roses to celebrate her album's success.

One Direction star Harry Styles has denied reports that he sent former girlfriend Taylor Swift tons of roses to celebrate the success of her new album.

New Weekly Magazine had claimed that the 20-year-old sent Red singer 1,989 roses to congratulate her on her latest album 1989.

Styles and the British boy band members appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show when the question came up.

"So Harry, I need to find this out because this a rumor. I don't know if you're going to answer me or not because you have so many rumors," DeGeneres asked Styles. "Here's the latest rumor, that you gave Taylor Swift 1,989 roses because of her 1989 album doing well. Do you know anything about that rumor?"

"I don't. I know nothing about the rumor. I don't know anything about the roses. I think it might have been someone else and I may have falsely taken [the credit]," he answered.

"You got credit for being romantic like that," DeGeneres replied.

Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that Swift has been single since splitting up with Styles.

According to Hollywood Life, the former couple will not get back together.

"There's not a chance in hell that Harry will date Taylor again," an insider told the website. "He's a nice guy and wants to be friendly. He holds no grudges, but he doesn't want to be in a relationship with Taylor again. It didn't work out and wouldn't work out if they tried it again. He knows that it would be a disaster."