Rihanna has never been one to follow the crowd. With celebrities including Mary J Blige and Robert DeNiro dipping their feet in the political pool, via social media, op-eds and TV interviews, the 28-year-old trendsetter has decide to let her fashion do all the talking.

While out and about in New York City on Wednesday (19 October), the songstress appeared to endorse Hillary Clinton with an emblazoned t-shirt featuring a photo of the Republican hopeful donning a cap and making her best resting b**ch face.

The Work hitmaker completed the telling ensemble with distressed daisy dukes and stressed Timberland boots.

Rihanna was spotted just hours before Clinton's third televised debate with Republican candidate Donald Trump in her race to claim the White House. A YouGov poll surveying 1,503 registered voters who watched the debate reveals that Clinton edged her rival in their final clash before the 8 November vote.

Back in September, Rihanna, who is a citizen of Barbados and thus ineligible to vote, paused her concert to urge fans to exercise her democratic right. "I can't vote, so y'all gotta do that for me. How many of ya'll registered to vote?"

"It's crazy numbers right now – over 70 million Americans are not registered to vote and it saddens me because young people are the future."

Meanwhile, fellow popstars Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez and rocker Jon Bon Jovi are doing their part by joining the line-up for an anti-Trump concert series named Love Trumps Hate. As the White House race enters its final stretch, the musicians will take to the stage in support of Clinton. Lopez will perform in Miami on 29 October while the Bon Jovi frontman will take to the stage in Pittsburgh on 27 October and Tampa on 5 November.

A statement released by Clinton's campaign read: "The performance series will feature a number of artists performing in battleground states who will energise our supporters and encourage them to turn out to vote on Election Day or to take advantage of early voting options in their states."