Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku appeared in 2D instead of 3D in her latest North American tour. Pixabay

Fans are disappointed as Hatsune Miku's North American tour utilised 2D visuals instead of the anticipated 3D. This is a significant departure from previous holographic appearances.

Reports from 404 Media indicate a shift in Hatsune Miku's presentation for the North American leg of her Miku Expo 2024 tour. During the Vancouver and Portland stops, the virtual star appeared on a giant LED screen with accompanying decorations and a light show instead of her usual holographic form.

The same setup appeared to be employed" with "Miku's San Jose show reportedly followed the same format" for a more concise and informative structure. The buzz surrounding the #MikuExpo2024 hashtag on X and TikTok reveals mixed reactions, according to the report.

While some fans heaped praise on the show's energy and sense of community, others expressed disappointment with the use of a screen, considering the ticket price. "I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no excuse for that LED Wall at #MIKUEXPO2024," one X user wrote. "Especially with how much more expensive the tickets were this year. It's a damn shame."


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"I'd want my money back," one TikToker wrote. "Where are the holograms?" Crypton Future Media, the company behind Hatsune Miku, has not publicly addressed the fan response to the 2D visuals.

Who is Hatsune Miku?

Hatsune Miku, which translates to"the first sound from the future," is a Vocaloid – software that lets fans create songs using her voice, which she then performs in virtual concerts. Debuting nearly two decades ago, Miku even shared the stage with Lady Gaga, who was embroiled in a legal dispute last year over the reward offered for returning her stolen dogs in February 2021.

Think of Hatsune Miku as the pop star of the digital world. She is the most popular face of Vocaloid, a software program that lets users create music with synthesised singing voices. Each Vocaloid character has a distinct voice, and some, like Miku, have amassed fanbases just like real singers.

According to 404 Media, Hatsune Miku is "a bonafide virtual pop idol with a large, global following, and has been performing at live shows for years." Miku's fame surpasses most Vocaloids.

She's graced David Letterman's show, embarked on international tours, and even participated in a virtual wedding ceremony. Polygon's editor-in-chief, Chris Plante, explored her phenomenon in a video years ago.

Hatsune Miku fans divided over Miku Expo 2024 visuals

Much to their chagrin, fans attending last Thursday's Miku Expo 2024 at Vancouver's Thunderbird Arena weren't treated to the anticipated holographic experience. Instead, Miku appeared on a large screen, sparking frustration among some attendees who voiced their disappointment on social media.

Notably, 404 Media observes that the dissatisfaction might not be readily apparent in videos from the concert. Considering ticket prices, the frustration of some fans is justified. For example, the upcoming Phoenix show ranges from £43.37 ($55) for budget-friendly seating to £118.27 ($150) (excluding fees) for general admission.

Despite the screen format, the Phoenix show appears nearly sold out, with limited seats in the stands and an unknown number of general admission tickets available.

One fan reported spending close to £157.69 ($200) for a ticket to the Vancouver show, highlighting the potential source of their frustration. YouTuber Blake the Nerd noted that the show was promoted as a hologram performance. Aside from this, holograms are changing the world in five other ways.