Kenza Laylie
1st AI influencer pageant crowns hijab-wearing activist. AI influencers could be a billion dollar industry by year-end, challenging beauty standards. Instagram / kenza.layli

Traditional beauty pageants often prioritise physical attractiveness, but the victor of the groundbreaking AI pageant required a much broader skill set and organizers saw it on a computer-generated Moroccan influencer known as Kenza Laylie, who has been crowned the champion of the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards.

Kenza's creators triumphed over 1,500 other artificial contestants, securing the grand prize. According to MailOnline, the judges were impressed by both the sophisticated technology powering Kenza and her captivating persona.

In her acceptance speech, Kenza's creator expressed a renewed motivation to push the boundaries of AI technology, fueled by the Miss AI win. "Winning Miss AI motivates me even more to continue my work in advancing AI technology," she said.

The Fanvue World AI Creator Awards marked a historic moment, launching as the first-ever beauty pageant designed explicitly for the "AI influencer industry." Last month, the judges revealed the eagerly awaited top 10 contestants after a meticulous selection process.

The Prizes

First Place Prize Package (Total Value: $13,000)

  • Cash Prize: $5,000 from WAICA partner, Fanvue
  • Mentorship Programme: $3,000 from Imagine Education
  • PR Support: Over $5,000

Second Place Prize Package (Total Value: $5,000)

  • Imagine Education Course: Free access (valued at $500)
  • Fanvue Promotional Package: $2,000 worth of promotional services
  • PR Support: Over $2,500

Third Place Prize Package (Total Value: $2,000)

  • Imagine Education Consultancy: Free consultation call (valued at $500)
  • Fanvue Promotional Package: $500 worth of promotional services
  • PR Support: Over $1,000

AI Influencers: Beyond Beauty Standards

"The global interest in this first award from [WAICAs] has been incredible," Fanvue co-founder Will Monange said in a statement to The Post. "The awards are a fantastic mechanism to celebrate creator achievements, raise standards, and shape a positive future for the AI Creator economy."

Contestants, including Kenza, were evaluated for their lifelike visuals, innovative technology, and established online presence. The runner-up position went to an AI persona known as Lalina. Their Instagram bio suggests a cultivated image with a hint of allure, attracting a following of 93,000 users.

The third-place position was awarded to Olivia C., a Portuguese AI travel influencer. Her computer-generated imagery frequently depicts her persona in diverse global destinations.

The other contenders were impressive, but Kenza prevailed due to her exceptionally advanced AI and commanding social media presence. She boasts an impressive 190,000 followers on a popular image-sharing platform.

Kenza's sophisticated technology enables the persona to appear in various, somewhat unsettling videos, converse fluently in seven languages, and even engage with admirers in real-time. Kenza's creators released a pre-recorded victory speech delivered by the AI persona to commemorate the win.

While the synchronisation between voice and visuals presented some technical challenges, the content itself resonated with the grace and humility typically associated with pageant winners, expressing gratitude to the judges and fellow contestants.

"I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to thank AI creators and to advocate passionately for the positive impact of artificial intelligence. This journey has been a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and raising standards to shape our future," Kenza said.

The persona concluded by expressing a continued dedication to advocating for the advancement of women globally, with a particular focus on those in Morocco and the Arab World and fostering their influence within the technological sphere.

Can AI Influencers Become The Next Big Stars?

Fanvue Co-Founder Will Monange congratulated the winning persona and all participants. He expressed surprise at the overwhelming global interest in this inaugural award, highlighting its success in propelling AI creations into the spotlight.

Monange concluded by conveying the organisers' enthusiasm for the awards' future and continued development. But the judges say it wasn't just the contestants' message that won their creators the prize.

According to Sofia Novales, a judge and part of the team behind a competing AI influencer, they were looking for something more. "What we wanted to judge with the contestants was that technology behind them. That means, for example, achieving consistent faces and good results with the hands," Novales told MailOnline.

Novales further noted that she was particularly impressed by how the winning contestant challenged conventional beauty standards. Despite the novelty, the AI influencer competition's backers see a potential £1 billion industry by year-end, with top creators like Aitana Lopez commanding premium fees from brands.

As the lines between entertainment and reality blur, AI influencers like Aitana Lopez could become the next big stars. With the potential for a billion-dollar industry and the ability to challenge beauty standards, this is just the beginning of what could be a fascinating new era for influencer marketing.