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AI dating apps with customisable girlfriends are on the rise, with some predicting a billion-dollar industry. But can AI replace the complexity of real relationships? Twitter / 山川 峰生 | AIと恋愛できるサービス作ってます @minekiyama

Much to the relief of those tired deciphering cryptic hints, AngryGF yells what your real girlfriend might be fuming about.

There's no shortage of AI girlfriend apps, all promising a low-drama alternative to real relationships. Advertised as effortless, these digital companions do not pick fights, sweat the small stuff, or leave you feeling rejected, and are always ready for a conversation.

However, as reported by Wired, one AI girlfriend app ruins this idyllic scenario. AngryGF, a chatbot companion app, flips the script entirely. Instead of sugar-coated interactions, AngryGF is designed to teach users the art of navigating conflict and communication with a frustrated partner.

AngryGF: A Recipe For Real-World Relationship Success?

Following Wired's report, AngryGF takes the unique approach of gamifying the development of communication skills tailored explicitly to navigating disagreements with a girlfriend. The app throws users into simulated real-life situations that could infuriate a real-life girlfriend, as the report states.

These scenarios range from disastrous financial decisions, like losing half your savings in the stock market, to unknowingly sparking jealousy by complimenting a "stunning and accomplished" female friend. Users can score points by successfully calming their virtual partner down.

"You need to use effective soothing techniques to make them forgive you," says AngryGF's app store description. "Through this process, you will discover that conversational skills in a relationship can be learned and improved."

The idea behind AngryGF sounds interesting, especially since it's so different from the usual chill AI girlfriends. But some wonder if yelling and acting super mad, as the app does, is really the best way to learn how to deal with a real girlfriend who's upset.

However, according to Wired, the app's usability could be improved. Reporter Katie Knibbs tried sending what she thought were kind messages, like asking about the AI's day. But the cranky chatbot launched into sarcastic insults instead of a normal response.

A simple suggestion for dinner turned into a sarcastic demand to be taken "somewhere nice," highlighting the app's constant negativity. The app's co-creator, Emilia Aviles, shared with Wired that her past relationships influenced the app's development. "You know men," she told Wired.

Aviles reportedly confirmed that the app's development did not involve consultation with relationship therapists or other experts. This app aims to bridge the gap created due to communication breakdowns in relationships and help couples navigate those tricky moments and connect more effectively.

Can AI Girlfriends Be Your Perfect Match?

We've all experienced communication challenges in relationships. Developing positive communication skills is important! However, there are more effective solutions than relying on an app with a potentially impersonal approach.

Open and honest conversation, or even seeking professional help through therapy, could be more constructive approaches. These methods prioritise genuine human connection, which may be lacking in the growing trend of AI girlfriends.

Still, AI companies are clearly betting big on this technology. For instance, Altcat, a new AI platform, allows users to turn their favourite influencer into an AI girlfriend. Capitalising on the trend of AI companionship, Late Checkout CEO Greg Isenberg recently predicted a billion-dollar industry for dating apps matching users with AI girlfriends.