Stone Island AirPods hat
Safe and secure... or not. Stone Island

If you have ever seen or used a pair of Apple AirPods, one of your first thoughts was most likely on how easy it would be to lose one (or both).

Of course, the Bluetooth in-ear headphones come with a nice, safe carry case that doubles as a charging dock - and potentially an iPhone kickstand with this neat little hack - but losing one is still a real possibility thanks to the absence of cables.

Apple's wireless audio future could turn out to be a tad expensive if you're prone to accidentally leaving things behind, with a replacement setting you back a hefty £69 for a single AirPod.

But what if there was a more 'subtle' and 'trendy' way of protecting your premium Cupertino-designed earphones?

Enter menswear clothing brand Stone Island, which has unveiled its latest "Shadow Project" range for the autumn/winter season – a range which includes items with what can only be described as 'AirPod pockets' (maybe AirPodkets?... ugh).

Stone Island's unholy trio of AirPods-storing garments (via Engadget) are as follows: A high neck t-shirt where AirPods can be slotted into two holes that sit right below your throat like sci-fi buttons; an otherwise quite smart jumper with a pair of gaudy adjacent flaps tacked on around the chest area; and a winter beanie with, you guessed it, two AirPod pockets. The beanie costs $115 (£87) too.

Whether other clothing brands will pick up on the design is anyone's guess, but considering how silly the three AirPods-friendly items look, we can't help but doubt that it will. You can check out the range at Stone Island's US store here.

Stone Island AirPods shirt
Stone Island AirPods jumper
Stone Island's AirPods-friendly clothing.