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Egypt: Thousands Storm Tahrir Square in Protest Over Hosni Mubarak Verdict Youtube - screeshot

Thousands of Egyptians who are unsatisfied with the verdict have gathered at the historic Tahrir square on Sunday morning.

Hours after the verdict, thousands of angry protesters flood the Tahrir square in protest of the acquittal of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's top aides and sons.

Mubarak was given life imprisonment by the court for failing to stop the killing during the 2011 Arab spring.

Nearly 10,000 protesters gathered overnight at Tahrir square. Scores of protesters were seen demonstrating in other places including Alexandria, Mansoura and Suez.

The angry crowd was joined by the Muslim Brotherhood's Presidential candidate Mohammed Morsi who would face Mubarak's man in the run-off on 16 and 17 June.

"Either we get justice for our martyrs or we die like them," shouted some of the protesters who feel the life imprisonment for the former dictator was too lenient. Mubarak's former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly was also given life sentence.

The demonstrators are also joined by some of the prominent figures in the Egyptian politics.

"The Mubarak verdict mocks us. He and [former Interior Minister Habib] Adly got a sentence and their aides got nothing. When they return to court on appeal, they will be freed too," the BBC reported one of the protesters Sharif Ali as saying.

Mubarak was convicted only for failing to stop the killing of around 900 protesters during the uprising and not for ordering the killing. The court decided there was not enough evidence against Mubarak for ordering the killing by himself.

"All the Egyptian people are angry with today's verdict. Mubarak and his interior minister should have been hanged. This is very upsetting to the Egyptian people, upsetting to the protesters, and also upsetting for the people that are not protesting. This verdict is unfair," the Press TV quoted another angry protester as saying.

The landmark verdict on Saturday sparked off minor violence in the court room. Mubarak's supporters shouted slogans against the judicial system saying it was unbiased.

Some of the relatives of the victims clashed with the security officials outside the court in Cairo.

Few legal experts are also of the opinion that the verdict was political rather than judicial.