The travel industry has changed hugely in the last ten years as the internet revolution has seen high street travel agents all but disappear as people took it upon themselves to book their own flights, car hire and hotels online, looking for the best deals available.

We are now entering the next evolution in the travel industry as mobile becomes increasingly important. The problem is that booking a flight, hotel or car through your smartphone is typically an arduous procedure, including lots of zooming in and out, filling in fiddly fields and generally raising your stress levels to near nuclear proportions.

But there is a change coming. Dedicated, mobile-only apps which take the frustration out of booking your travel needs could see smartphones and tablets becoming the primary method of online booking in the coming years.

One company leading the way is Hotel Tonight, an app which gives users the ability to book a hotel with just three taps and a swipe. It is that intuitive interface as well as personalised options which make the app so successful.

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