Betty Jo and Josh
Betty Jo and Josh in their Houston home

A husband has sabotaged his 660-pound wife's plans to lose weight, fearing that she might ditch him.

A report in Inquisitr said that Houston, Texas wife Bettie Jo had become immobile due to her excessive weight of 660 pounds. Her husband, Josh, became her 24/7 caretaker, and when Bettie Jo decided she wanted to do something about the weight, he was less-than-supportive, noting that if she lost weight, she may decide to lose him as well.

Josh gave Betty Jo unhealthy food because he was in charge of the food shopping.

Bettie Jo's journey along with her husband's concerns were documented on the TLC reality show My 600-lb Life.

After Betty Jo opted to have bariatric surgery to help her cut her weight, Josh disappeared.

Thankfully this process has show me just how much I love him — and how much he loves me
- Betty Jo

She said: "The operation went well but my first night after surgery but Josh wasn't there when I woke up. It made me a little scared because I needed him more than ever. I knew if I didn't have his support. I wouldn't be able to do this. The first month went but it wasn't as easy as I'd hoped. Josh was preparing my meals and didn't necessarily want to follow the doctor's instructions."

Josh justified his actions, saying he says he feared that she would leave him if she got slim. "I used to take care of her but when she started being able to move around herself after the surgery that really scared me because I don't want her to leave me. She's the only woman I've ever loved," he said.

In the end, however, she successfully lost 157 pounds, and is now down to 498 pounds and proud of her progress.

She said: "Josh and I had never been on a date. I've always been so big I could never really go out. And so thankfully this process has show me just how much I love him — and how much he loves me. I feel like a different person. I have a long way to go but I now know I can do it because I have Josh. And I have hope for the first time in a long while."