Successful people seem to have it all – money, power, and a lifestyle that everyone wishes they had. It's hard not to envy their success, and it's easy to feel like you may never measure up to them and their achievements. Yusuf Yolasan and Jared Scott are two leading entrepreneurs who have both single-handedly reached success within their respective industries. Here, they share their insights on how the secret to your success may be closer than you think; you simply need to explore the limitless possibilities of self-worth.

Yusuf Yolasan and Jared Scott
Yusuf Yolasan and Jared Scott Yusuf Yolasan and Jared Scott

Originally hailing from Turkey, Yusuf Yolasan has built a thriving real estate career in South Florida, where he helps a diverse range of people find the perfect property to create their dream lifestyle. With a background in both business and marketing, Yusuf has developed a reputation for combining pragmatism and creativity to bring a fresh perspective to the world of real estate. Similarly, Jared Scott has both achieved personal success and helped others reach the life that they dream of, at only 25 years of age. As a motivational public speaker, Jared has dedicated himself to removing the stigma around mental health and spoken at hundreds of schools across the country.

According to Yusuf Yolasan and Jared Scott, having a strong sense of self-worth is essential for building success. Yusuf Yolasan shares that your own self-worth will project towards others. If you want others to appreciate you, you must first appreciate yourself. He suggests, "Live your life without constantly judging each moment. Instead, just give it awareness. Be alive to your life while it's happening. Pay attention to it, listen, and move through your emotions. Be present with yourself. It's much easier said than done these days particularly with all the distractions. Hold that intention and see where life takes you." Jared Scott adds to this by saying, "Positive self-esteem can help you see through every challenge you face. If you believe in yourself enough, then you are more likely to believe that you can solve any problem."

It's easy to feel inadequate, especially in the business world, but Yusuf Yolasan and Jared Scott agree that success will always be within your reach if you believe that you are strong enough to confront it and always keep playing on.