Every year, U.S. citizens take a long weekend to celebrate a tradition of giving thanks for the bountiful blessings received that year. While most Brits may be turned off by the "un-Britishly moist and juicy" turkey and "weird cartoon balloons' found on the Macy's Day Parade, there are still ways to take part in the festivities and give this holiday the good ol' Brit twist for a weekend of merriment and gratitude.

Turkey-free Thanksgiving

While the turkey is a traditional choice, you can easily swap it up with a vegetarian option or even go all red meat for the affair. Familiar dishes like meatloaf, pot pie, quiche, or Shepherd's pie can be reinvented to include stuffing, cranberry sauce and green beans. Feel free to cook a feast as there's no rule that you can't look forward to your Thanksgiving leftovers over the next few days!

Thanksgiving Tea

Biscuits and tea are comfort food most Brits enjoy and consume every day. In fact, the British drink 100 million cups of tea every day. Let's make your transition to enjoying Thanksgiving easier by starting with special Thanksgiving–themed fruit teas or spiced teas that you can drink with biscuits slathered with cranberry jam.

Chai tea, cinnamon tea and pumpkin tea are some of the best teas that combine seasonal spices and jovial flavours for a warm cuppa that everyone will be thankful for.

Read up on Thanksgiving history

Thanksgiving is a staple of U.S. education but may not be one most Brits are closely familiar with though it starts with English people. Thanksgiving started when a group of English families known as the Separatists went against the Church of England. 102 passengers embarked on the Mayflower in 1620 to find a place where they can be free to practice their religion without fear of prosecution.

During the trip, the pilgrims battled the cold and suffered from diseases such as scurvy, but only half of them survived. It was the kindness shown to them by the Native American tribes that enabled them to survive and start again. The indigenous people shared what food they had and taught the English how to catch fish and plant crops. This incredible relationship and kindness are the joy people should remember every Thanksgiving and pay forward all throughout the year.

Thanksgiving Dinner
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