Apple has announced a new update to iTunes through version 12.1, featuring new iTunes widgets for Notification Center in OS X Yosemite and performance improvement while syncing with iOS devices.

Besides, the latest update has a full 64-bit application on 64-bit edition of Windows 8, 7 and Vista along with other bug fixes.

But the newest version is reported to be creating trouble for jailbreakers. It seems iTunes 12.1 has broken restore to iOS 8.1.2 whereas for some users the TaiG jailbreak tool fails to detect iTunes, confirmed a redditor.

A potential fix for this issue is to downgrade iTunes 12.1 to the previous version 12.0.1.

In case you are looking for a guide for downgrading iTunes, head over to the following tutorial. You can use either of the methods depending on the OS version your machine is running.

How to downgrade iTunes 12.1 to 12.0.1 on Windows

Step-1: Uninstall iTunes 12.1 completely including all its remnants such as Apple Application Support, Apple Mobile Device Support and iCloud. Otherwise, the leftover might hinder the downgrade process

Step-2: Change the extension on your iTunes Library.itl file to iTunes Library.bak. This file can be found in

  • C:User[yourname]MusiciTunes

Step-3: Now reboot your Windows machine

Step-4: After a successful reboot, install iTunes 12.0.1

Download links:

iTunes 12.0.1 [Windows 32-bit]

Or, iTunes 12.0.1 [Windows 64-bit]

How to downgrade iTunes 12.1 to 12.0.1 on Mac

Step-1: Download Pacifist from and install it

Step-2: Quit iTunes, remove all its traces using Activity Monitor

Step-3: Download iTunes 12.0.1 for OS X and mount it but don't install it

Step-4: Launch Pacifist, which you downloaded is earlier

Step-5: Click on Open package>> iTunes under Device in the left side bar.

Select Install iTunes and then Open in the bottom right corner

Step-6: Click on Contents of Install iTunes then select Install from the top bar. Follow the on screen instructions until installation begins

Step-7: After a few minutes, you should see a box saying Application already exists. Check Don't ask again for this installation box and click on Replace

Step-8: Wait for some time until the process is completed

You should now be running the older iTunes version 12.0.1. It's worth downgrading to iTunes 12.0.1 if you are a jailbreak lover.

[Source: Redmond Pie]