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A workaround is available to have the Ok Google feature on any Google account without having a rooted device.

Last month Google released an update to Google Drive, Google Search and Maps with new apps in the Play Store called Slides and Android TV Remote Control.

Previously, Ok Google was only available on the home screen of the Google Experience Launcher or in the Search app. The new update to Search with version number enabled a few Google accounts to use Ok Google Hotword detection on any screen, including lock screen and third-party apps.

This week, Google issued another update, which saw minor improvements to Search with version number Unfortunately, this update also brought Ok Google for certain Google accounts.

Android owners with rooted devices found their way to get the search feature working whereas those with non-rooted devices were left with no choice.

However, a Redditor named pr01etar1at has shared a workaround to get Ok Google on any device and user account, reports XDA. There is no root required for this method.

The Redditor claims to have tried this method on his Nexus 7 2013 running Android L Developer Preview and it worked well. Here is the trick to get Ok Google on any Google account.

  • Open Google Now
  • Search for OK Google everywhere
  • Click any link [may be unnecessary but I did it]
  • Back out to Google Now
  • Go to Settings>Voice
  • Audio History and Anywhere Detection should now be available as settings.