How to fix slow data speed in custom ROMs on HTC One S. XDA Developers' Forum

HTC users who have flashed a custom ROM on their One S might have noticed a drop in the HSPA+ download speed. XDA forum member known as TechieGeek has come up with a solution for the issue.

TechieGeek claims that he experienced a low download speed on One S after moving from stock to CyanogenMod (CM) 10, TrickDroid and Maximus. The problem was attributed to baseband compatibility issues. He flashed a new baseband and made changes in the settings to fix the issue.

Take a look at the step-by-step instructions to increase the data speed on One S. IBTimes UK advises users to proceed at their own risk and will not be held responsible for any consequences.

  • Flash a new baseband. To do so, turn off the phone and then hold the Volume Down + Power buttons. The device will now boot into a bootloader that shows up an hboot version. If you notice the hboot version 1.13 or lower then you can flash the baseband by following method.

§ Download Goomanager from the Android Market

§ Head to app's menu and the tap "Install OpenRecovery Script." After tapping, the TWRP Recovery will be installed

§ Download the zip file and copy it to the device's SD card. The baseband can be downloaded from here.

§ Use Goomanager in order to reboot recovery. Once you are in the recovery, flash the downloaded zip file for the baseband

  • Edit the build.prop file. To do so, download the ES File Explorer and then head to Root Settings and check all options including Root Explorer, Up to Root, Mount File System and Backup System App.
  • Go back to the homescreen and tap "Up" in order to go to the root directory. Open system folder and then open up the build.prop file using the ES Note Editor.
  • Please ensure that you change the values as follows.





  • After changing the values in the file you have to restart the smartphone.

[Information Courtesy: XDA Developers' Forum]