India has accused Pakistani troops of killing two soldiers and beheading one of them as they crossed the border in the disputed region of Kashmir.

According to senior Indian army officer Brigadier S. Chawla, the Pakistani soldiers crossed the ceasefire line near the town of Mendha, before entering into a gun battle with a band of Indian troops, violating the terms of the ceasefire agreement between the two countries. Two Indian troops were reportedly killed in the battle with Chawla adding that one of the bodies was mutilated before the Pakistani soldiers fled.

India's Defence Minister, Arackaparambil Kurien Antony, branded Pakistan's "highly provocative" actions in Kashmir as "inhuman".

"The Pakistan Army's action is highly provocative. The way they treated the dead bodies of the Indian soldiers is inhuman. We will convey our protest to the Pakistan government, and our DGMO (Director General of Military Operations) will talk to his counterpart in Pakistan. We are closely monitoring the situation."

Protests have broke out in Bhopal in central India, where residents joined activists from the youth wing of India's ruling Congress party to speak out against the Kashmir atrocity.

This demonstrator told the press that all diplomatic ties with Pakistan should be severed,

"Today, we the members of the Youth Congress will write to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,Congress president Sonia Gandhi and the country's youth leader Rahul Gandhi, and tell them that the youth of India are losing patience, and that stringent action be taken against Pakistan. There should be no more agreements and relations with Pakistan, because this is a matter ofIndia's security and prestige."

The Pakistani government has labelled the reports "Indian propaganda", designed to ,"divert attention from an Indian raid on Sunday on a Pakistani post in which a Pakistani soldier was killed."

India has summoned Pakistan's ambassador to New Delhi, Salman Bashir, seen here, to meet with Indian Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai, in a bid to calm rising tensions between the two countries.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner