An Indian Islamic outfit is preparing to send thousands of young Shiites to Iraq in a bid to participate in the raging battle against the Sunni militants, IBTimes UK understands.

The All India Shia Husaini Fund (AISHF) has said the Islamic group has collected details of about 4,000 people who have volunteered to fight against the insurgents of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis).

Most of the volunteers are from the north Indian city of Lucknow and others have enrolled online, the group said.

When IBTimes UK asked the AISHF Secretary General, Syed Hasan Mehdi, about the training they have received to take on the heavily-armed Isis militants in Iraq, he said no formal training was given.

Mehdi emphasised that the volunteers would primarily be involved in aiding the efforts to rescue abducted Indians in Iraq and protect the holy Shiite shrines. About 40 Indians are believed to have been kidnapped by the militants in Iraq's Mosul, but their exact plight is still not certain.

Mehdi also made it clear that they would be "fighting the terrorists" in Iraq and not just be part of any humanitarian assistance.

However, when pressed further whether the group is putting the lives of thousands in danger, Mehdi simply said: "Allah is with us."

According to intelligence reports, cited by a local daily, Jagran, the AISHF has promised the young Shiite Indians, mostly aged between 15 and 30, an all-expenses paid trip to Iraq along with 4 million rupees (£40,000) in cash.

However, Mehdi insisted there was no financial transaction involved between the volunteers and the group. It is unclear who will be bearing the visa, travel and other expenses.

The AISHF intends to submit formal letters seeking permission from India's home ministry and external affairs ministry to send the volunteers.

IBTimes UK is awaiting a response from the external affairs ministry in New Delhi.