Intel's chief futurist Steve Brown believes that technology - and computing specifically - becoming smaller and smaller is "the key thing that is now allowing us now to think about computers becoming wearable."

Speaking at the first ever London Wearable Technology Conference, Brown believes we will soon be talking about computing at an atomic level.

Wearable technology today is dominated by poorly-implemented smartwatches and rather clunky-looking headsets but this miniaturisation will hopefully create devices which are infinitely more sophisticated and powerful.

Brown said the jump from 22nm technology to 5nm technology is like comparing the Pentium 4 generation of PCs from 15 years ago - "the big behemoths with the fans" - to today's smartphone technology built on top of 22nm technology.

The move to ever smaller transistors will "enable us to do something dramatic, enable us to think about computers in a different way."