There has been much to be delighted about in recent years for jailbreakers across the world. However, with all the news of tethered and untethered jailbreaks, there are bound to be a few red flags.

According to WebProNews and Softpedia, rumours of an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1 - courtesy "EasyRa1n" - are fake; there is no such jailbreak available, at least for the moment.

Redsn0w said there were earlier reports of "FastRa1n" software claiming to be able to work an untethered jailbreak on iOS 5.1 software. Now, software under a similar name - "EasyRa1n" v5.1 - has also been discredited as a fake - both for Windows and Mac.

Unfortunately there are indications some users have been duped into paying approximately £15 after being promised the jailbreak.

The developers behind EasyRa1n and the RC5 jailbreak software, according to a press release they issued, were offering a lifetime membership to their fake service, with a 50 percent discount offer for a limited period, on their Web site.

Among other features promised by the software are:

There was talk of video chat functionality on iPhone 3GS besides providing installation support for Flash and Cydia operations. The jailbreak also enables the GPS navigator for no extra cost. The software was reported as being not limited to any one service carrier.

The software was reportedly compatible with any updated base band and guaranteed no loss in features and functionality.

The jailbreak featured a debugging function along with unlock facilities previously unavailable in older versions. This new feature was explained as increasing battery life and boosting performance.

The software claimed to have an easy and intuitive interface which included descriptions and an informative guide to unlocking the iPhone.

In reality, the tool is actually an older version of the jailbreak copied from Redsn0w, according to statements by Redsn0w on their own Web site.

Apple gadget users waiting for the release of the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1 have been advised to be cautious and wary of jailbreak tools. They are asked to remember that till date none of the tools have been paid versions and the jailbreak community has often promised to continue that trend.

The lesson here - never trust a paid jailbreak.

Incidentally, an earlier report concerning a fake iOS jailbreak was featured on WebPro News' Web site on April Fools' Day. The fake software took the name "AprilRa1n". However, the message was clear and everyone realised it was a joke. Finally, Softpedia points out fake tools like are usually older jailbreak solutions re-packaged and sold for a fee.

"Your best bet is to pay attention to the official jailbreak sources: the Dev Team Blog, as well as the team members' twitter accounts," advises WebProNews to the community of jailbreak users.

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