The evad3rs team recently released the highly anticipated untethered jailbreak, dubbed as evasi0n7 compatible with all iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini models running on iOS 7 through iOS 7.0.4.

evasi0n7 untethered jailbreak
Guide to fix issues with Jailbreak Tweaks on iOS 7 by reinstalling Mobile Substrate. Jailbreak iOS X

After successfully jailbreaking the device running iOS 7 those who have installed the jailbreak tweaks may have found that none of the tweaks were working. The tweaks would not appear in the Settings app, nor would they work. And the device would seem as if it was not jailbroken, except for the Cydia icon. Here is a simple fix for the issue.

Those facing issues with iOS 7 jailbreak may follow our step-by-step guide to fix the jailbreak tweaks on iOS 7 by reinstalling Mobile Substrate. It should be noted the solution works only with device that does not use the 64-bit A7 chip. It will not work on the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and the Retina iPad mini.

Steps to fix issues with jailbreak tweaks on iOS 7 by reinstalling Mobile Substrate

Step-1: Open Cydia>> Go to the Search tab

Step-2: Type in Substrate in the search field at the top

Step-3: The first two results should be Mobile Substrate and Substrate Safe Mode

Step-4: Navigate to Mobile Substrate, tap on Modify>> Reinstall>> Continue Queuing

Step-5: Go back to the search results and tap on Substrate Safe Mode

Step-6: Tap on Modify>> Reinstall>> Confirm. This will reinstall both Mobile Substrate and Substrate Safe Mode

Step-7: After the installation is completed, tap on Restart SpringBoard

All your tweaks should work fine now, given the aforementioned guide is followed properly. In case you restart your phone, you should repeat the process.

Mobile Substrate still needs to be updated with a fix for a number of issues, which includes this process. But for now this seems to be a good work around. There are a number of unofficial patches for Mobile Substrate that fix the issues with the existing version. However, Saurik has warned not to install those.

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