Close on the heels of iPad Mini being jailbroken, popular developer and iOS hacker Grant Paul (a k a Chpwn) has revealed that the next-gen iPad 4 has also been jailbroken within days of its release. Both the tablets officially went on sale last Friday.

Although the failbreak method used for jailbreaking iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 4 is a developer only release, it paves the way for all future jailbreaks focused on the public release of the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6. It seems Chpwn has used exactly the same method which he employed earlier with the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

Announcing the feat of accomplishing yet another successful jailbreak on iOS 6, Chpwn tweets the following message along with a screenshot of Cydia running on the jailbroken iPad 4:

"It doesn't look any different than on the iPad (3rd generation), but here's Cydia running on the iPad (4th generation):"

iOS 6.0.1 Jailbreak
iOS 6.0.1 jailbreak. Photo: Twitter Twitter

As Chpwn points out, Cydia looks exactly the same on the fourth generation iPad as it did on its predecessor, particularly given the identical screen size and resolution of iPad 4 that matches the previous iteration.

The significant progress made with the iPad 4 jailbreak is that it has been upgraded with a kernel exploit (credited to PlanetBeing), which makes it possible to jailbreak iOS 6 on the new A6X chip. Besides, the enclosed screenshot by Chpwn shows the jailbroken iPad 4 is running iOS 6.0.1 that was released last week.

Given that the iPhone 5 and both the new iPads have been jailbroken, the iPhone Dev Team seems to have got a headstart in their quest to develop public release of the untethered jailbreaks for the iOS devices. Presently, the tethered jailbreak is possible only with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4G running iOS 6.0.1/iOS 6.0.

It is still uncertain as to how long it will take for the jailbreak Dream Team to release the much awaited untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.x.x for all compatible iOS devices. As RedmondPie notes, the Dream Team of hackers comprising MuscleNerd, PlanetBeing and potentially pod2g will reportedly be using the failbreak method to unearth further exploits that may form the key to producing a stable untethered jailbreak for the masses.